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Chris Andersen Bio

Chris Andersen is born in 1978 on July 7. Chris was born in Long Beach located in California in United States.

Chris is professional basketball player of America. He has played professional basketball for many leagues in the world. He is tall basketball player of a height of six feet and ten inches. Chris has weight of 228 lbs or 103 kilo grams. Chris was famous buy his nick name “Birdman”.

Chris was a player of Power forward, but in some games he has also played at centre position. Like many other professional players Chris also started his educational career in High School. Chris was a student of Lola High School in Lola, Texas.

Chris was not a layer of basketball in his school, infect he was not much interested I basketball in his school age. But he developed his taste in basketball because he realized that he was perfectly fit for sports and he was tall and hard enough for basketball.

He started basketball in his school days but he was not a good player of basketball in his school.

Chris became a good player of basketball in his college career but in he was not even a player of his school’s basketball team. During his college he was selected in his college’s basketball team. He was selected in his college’s basketball team because he was very hardworking and passionate about basketball. He was a student of Blinn College.

Chris spent only one year his college’s basketball team. In 1999 he went undrafted in 1999 NBA draft. He started his professional basketball career with Chinese basketball League.

He has also played in Denver Nuggets and New Orleans Hornets teams of NBA. After starting his professional career he has played for some other leagues all over the world. Currently he is playing in Denver Nuggets since 2008.



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