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Chicago Sky Team Involvements

The Chicago Sky enjoys playing basketball and bringing people together.

The players and coaching staff have been given talents that need to be shared and that’s what the team does night after night. When the team steps off the court though, the giving doesn’t stop. The Sky has become involved in several charities and continues to give back to the community.


The Sky Cares Foundation


The Sky Cares Foundation is the main way the team gives back. This foundation strives to complete the team’s mission of building girl’s self-esteem and provides females with positive mentors.



Through education and support for youth and family development programs, the team tries to create and promote healthy lifestyles and positive self-image. This initiative is extremely important to the team because positive self-image is important to be successful in any aspect of life, whether that is relationships, career, family, etc.

The Sky Cares Foundation gets this message out primarily through the Chicago Sky Fitness Festival. This festival is a health and fitness event that shows girls ages 8-18 different ways of getting active. Some of the ways girls can be active is through sports, dancing, jump rope, double-dutch, walking, etc. Through seeing these activities demonstrated and how to incorporate them into everyday life, its gives girls positive reinforcement for making a life change. It also gives girls positive role models and motivation to be successful in making healthy choices.


Mentor and Coaching Programs


The Sky Cares Foundation also works with other organizations such as Big Sister, Little Sister, Girl Scouts, Girls in the Game, YWCA, Girls on the Run, Go Girl Go, and other organizations in the surrounding areas.

These organizations help at the Chicago Sky Fitness Festival and provide mentors and coaches to over 500 girls in the Chicago area. These organizations put up booths and interactive exhibits from fitness providers who show festival attendees a variety of ways to be active. Girls receive a shirt, goody bag, and healthy meal to show that being healthy can also be fun. This informational and interactive event finishes with a Chicago Sky basketball game.

The game brings home the point that anything can be accomplished through dedication, determination, discipline, and a positive self-image.


Read To Achieve


The Read to Achieve program is a league-wide initiative that is supported by all NBA and WNBA teams, as well as the NBA D-League teams. This initiative supports the value of reading, on-line literacy, and encourages adults and families to read to children.

This is one of the most extensive educational outreach programs in the history of professional sports. The WNBA takes this initiative very seriously and believes in the power of reading and education.

There are a variety of events the teams participate in such as the Summer Reading Season Tip-off Event, Reading Time-Outs, All-Star Reading Teams, Store Events, and Reading and Learning Centers. Through these events players, coaches, and other team staff participate to show the value in reading and the impact it can have on a child’s life.



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