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Charles Barkley Bio

A former American basketball professional who born on 290th of February 1963… He was one of the best ones of his age.

He played in marvelous manner through out his career from school to professional one. He never stopped to thrill with his presence in the game.

He was often used to produce so much heat by putting some sparkling and breath taking performance. He was used to lead every team he played whether it was his school, college or professional career. He was an icon and is an icon as for as professional basketball is concerned.

He will keep shining like a star in the history of basketball. A man of 6.6 feet and 114.3 KG was a force in the court. He started his collegiate career at auburn and played some blistering games there, he make coaches think through his wonderful game. He played some awesome games at college career and that makes him go further up and joined the professionals in 1984.

Charles Barkley was picked by Philadelphia in 1984 and from there he carried on playing with Philadelphia. He played 82 games in the season of 1984-85 games and scored at an average of 14 plus points per game in 28.6 minutes per game.

It was his take off stage and he carried on with Philadelphia by playing some blistering games. His season average goes on getting up and he touched unto 28.3 points per game in the season of 1987-88. He was picked by phoenix in 1992 up to 1996 and his average remained at remarkable level during his stint with phoenix.

His performance makes him an ideal choice for Houston as he was picked by the Houston in 1996 until 1999. his career average was also remarkable one as he finished at 22.1 points per game with 11.7 rebounds per game and 3.9 APG.



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