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Carmelo Anthony Bio

Full name Carmelo Kyam Anthony, son of Mary Anthony. Have a generous family of two more brothers and a sister.

Carmelo Anthony is one of the great fans of Baltimore Ravens, Texas Longhorns and Baltimore Orioles football. This man shined as basketball star right from his teenage as and it was Carmelo Anthony who was named First Team All-America by USA Today and parade.

He was also named as McDonald’s All-American Team later at Oak Hill Academy. Carmelo released a children’s book first time in 2004 which was entitled as “It’s Just the Beginning”. His excellence and class make him appear on the cover of EA Sports’ NBA Live 2005.

Carmelo Anthony appeared on the cover of numerous magazines through out his career including Sports Illustrated twice. This man has the honor of being painted twice on the cover of ESPN magazine which also includes his appearance on one of his favorite.

Has also been featured on the cover of ESPN the Magazine twice, including once with one of his favorite rappers, the Jay-Z. Carmelo used to release a top selling signature sneaker annually under the Brand Jordan.

Beside this all Carmelo is asocial person who worked for his fellow humans through out his life, he started superfine his work by Establishing the Carmelo Anthony Foundation (CAF) in 2005. He is also one of the major contributors to Family Resource Centers of Colorado. Carmelo donated for tsunami and has played a fund raising game for hurricane Katrina victims as well.

Carmelo matched contributions of up to $100,000 worth which he received by Habitat for Humanity International’s Operations for home delivery. Carmelo Anthony was ranked among top ten of the “Giving Back 30” report of 2006.

It tracks the charity work and fund raising by athletes and other celebrities. He is not an athlete that used to run with ball in the basket ball but he is equally active in the race of saving humanity as well. Carmelo was one of the major contributors to the construction of Carmelo K. Anthony Basketball Center at Syracuse University.

His works and deeds earned nothing but honor in every discipline of life. He is best social contributor, best donor and a best player of the game of basketball. He can be considered as one of the kings of basketball world. He was honored with the outstanding basketball player of the year in Jul 2008 by the first annual Univision Premios Deportes which was solely an award show to honor the Hispanic athletes.

Carmelo’s achievement in the basketball world as well as in his conventional life, It does not matter whether we discuss his game or life we will see him making the mark every where. But it was ofcourse the basket ball that make him a star. He started to shine right from his college career where he was named Second Team All-American, and this all happen fro him when he was just fresh man in the year 2002-03.

This man achieved almost every thing whether from western conference all-star (2007-08), was named as western conference player of the month in April 2007. Carmelo also earned western conference player of the week almost eight times and got the honor of standing six times as the western conference Rookie of the month.

This man has tremendous records from college to professional career with splendid average and nice rebound rates. He has the career transaction with Denver nuggets where he signed a contract with them in 2003 which got extended in 2006.



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