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Carlos Arroyo Biography

Carlos Albert Arroyo Bermudez was born on July 30, 1979 in Fajardo. He is a professional Puerto Rican basketball player.

Arroyo is a very famous player of modern basketball since the start of his career in NBA. Arroyo was a good player since the start of his college life. He was a star of basketball in his college.

He got a chance to start his professional basketball in 1996 in National Superior Basketball League in Puerto Rico. Carlos was a player who made his position by hard work and passion. During his childhood he was a good player of sports, he played many sports in his childhood with his friends. His interest in basketball was developed when he joined a school.

In his school days Carlos watched their class fellows playing basketball, he also attracted towards this fast game. Carlos has good height and muscles for basketball so he got chance in to play in his school’s basketball team very easily.

He coach gave him enough training to perform well in basketball court. He performed very well in almost all games he played for his school. His position in his school was good.

When Carlos finished his education in his school he joined a college for further advances education in his field. He was selected in his college’s basketball team. He was selected in his college’s team because he was very talented player of basketball in his college.

He was considered as main player of his team during his college days. Carlos started his professional career when he was selected by Toronto Raptors in 2001NBA draft.

During his professional career he has played for many teams in NBA. He last team was Miami Heat, he left Miami Heat in 2011 and joined Boston Celtics and currently he is playing with Celtics.



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