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Carl Bailey

Carl bailey, born on 23rd of April 1958 in Birmingham, Alabama and is one among the retired American basket ball players.

Carl bailey always dreamt to be a fine player of basketball and he did it through his dedicated performance. The role of his family in growing him as a professional was no doubt an unprecedented one as they support him from every perspective to let him develop himself.

But the dedication and hard work of Carl was hallmark of his success. The Carl’s family supported a man with potential to dwell. He is one of those players who played a short professional career.

In fact he could only play a short span of seven minutes against Portland trail blazers but he did lot of remarkable work to reach there at professional level. His performance, hard work and zeal make him get place among the team of real professionals.

There was nothing but his hard work enthusiasm and zeal that did it for him and make him rise among the brighter ones. It was ofcourse his excellences that make him get selected in NBA draft.

Carl bailey played basketball with real zeal from his school career until he joined university of Tuskegee, Alabama where he did even better in the court of basket ball. He attended university of Tuskegee for his higher studies but at the same time he uplifted his game to higher levels as well.

He continues to perform well in collegiate career and this is what made his way toward the professional level. His professional career is no doubt one of the shortest of the careers but it was no doubt a matter of honor for a man who worked hard in the court to touch that mark.

Carl was selected by the Seattle supersonic during the third round of NBA draft in the 1980s. He played a single game in his professional career where he scored a single point from the ground and earned a 2.0 PPG of his professional career.



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