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Bud Acton Bio

Bud Acton was born on 11 January 1942 in the city of Troy located in the state of Michigan in United States. His full name was Charles R. “Bud” Acton.

He is former basketball player of America. He was a professional basketball player of United States. He was six feet and six inches tall and had a weight of 210 lbs or 95 kilo grams. He was a very famous and well known basketball player during his all career.

He was a player of forward position and he done his job in many matches very well while playing at the forward position and scored many points and made h is team to win many matches by his abilities. He started his school career with a high school in the city and made hi s name as a good basketball player during his studies in the high school.

He played many basketball matches with his school team and made his school team to win many matches by showing his best performances and good habits. He had very good relations with other basketball player in his high school basketball team.

He was famous due to his position because he was very fit to his allotted position and was very good to make use this position better then many others. He was also played at some other positions like at centre but he was totally fit at the position of forward.

After his school studies, he started classes in a college named as Hillsdale. It was a very famous college at that time. He played in his college for his college basketball team and performed very well by giving many victories to his college. He made a good name over there and was selected for the San Diego Rockets in the 1967 NBA season. He played 23 games for this team and then left the team.


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