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British Basketball League

Basketball is very popular in other countries however not in England. England did their best and is still doing its best up to now for basketball to be embraced by the citizens there.

One way of doing that is by creating a league. A league created like amateur basketball leagues are very helpful in making the sport boost its popularity. They also created British Basketball League also known as BBL. It had increased the popularity of the said sport by capturing thousands of participants around the school and communities.

England and all its effort to establish basketball in its country is becoming a great success as its people is accepting the sport nowadays. Now we will discuss what British Basketball League is.

British Basketball League was established in 1987 as the men’s professional basketball league of United Kingdom. The British Basketball League’s is not that known in terms of NBA leagues they are often the underdog.

The professional basketball has become more popular in England nowadays compared before when people are not that aware that basketball exists in the country.

In 1995 over 14000 spectators gathered in Manchester’s MEN Arena to watch the Manchester Giants face the London Leopard this was one of the most significant and popular basketball event that happened in country. Large crowds gather to watch the ten teams of the British Basketball League play against each other. The teams compete in order to gain popularity and honor in the country. The BBL Cup and the BBL trophy is their biggest aim in competitions.


The BBL Cup is a knock-out competition in which it involves the active members competing and the finals is usually held in the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham every January. The BBL trophy does not involve only professional BBL teams, every year six teams from the first divisions of the EBL and SBL (Scotish Basketball League) are invited to compete.

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The teams will be split into four groups and playd that season. The team which finish at the top will qualify in the semi-finals competition.

Unlike in NBA watching the BBL game is very much affordable, adults should expect to pay around £10 and tickets for children are usually around £6.

As of now there are 10 active teams that participate in the league the teams are:

• The Chester Jets

• Guildford Heat

• The Leicester Riders

• London United

• The Milton Keynes Lions

• The Newcastle Eagles

• The Plymouth Raiders

• The Scottish Rocks

• The Sheffield Sharks

• The Worcester Wolves


As of now the country is still struggling to make the sport more popular but they are not giving up and surely they’ll never will. Basketball being one of the most popular sports in the country would take a long time to happen but it is not impossible right? With the efforts and determination of the England’s citizen in making it a high profile sport for sure one day their hard work will be paid off in the right time.



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