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Brent Barry Bio

A former American basketball player with lot of fame and name in the field of basketball… he was born on 31st of December 1971 and grew up to become a professional player of the basketball world.

He was one of the most wonderful players of his ages and that happen to him because of his class and excellence in the court of basketball. He born with some inborn skills for the basketball, his height posture gesture was very conducive fro the game of basketball.

He was a passionate child with real ambition to become a professional player of the basketball world. He was most of the hardworking men of his ages as for as the basketball is concerned.

He played remarkable basketball at his school as well as college career and earned great name for his dedicated performances. He was spearhead and speedster of his team as he was used to bring lot of motivation into game through his blistering performances.

Brent started his college career at Oregon State and excelled as a master performer there. He did a lot during his college career by playing some awesome games during various phases of his stint at Oregon.

He was one of the famous and fabulous performers of the basketball world at Oregon and all that he earned can be dedicated to his high value performance. He was one of the most focused and competitive players of his age and was one of the leaders at Oregon. His form continued toward his professional career.

He started with Los Angeles clippers at a high note and continued his form while playing for Miami, Seattle and San Antonio and ended with Houston. He played 912 career games where he scored more than nine thousand points at a career average of 9.3 points per game with nice assists per game.



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