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Brandon Armstrong Bio

Brandon Armstrong is a professional player of basketball who played formerly in NBA. He was born in San Francisco Located in the state of California in United States.

He was a very famous player of basketball during his professional career. During his professional career Brandon Armstrong played for more than one team in NBA. He was a well repudiated player in his career.

During his professional career Armstrong played for many years only in NBA. He was brilliant player of basketball during his entire professional basketball career. His reputation in his professional career was good enough to make him a star of basketball. Brandon started his educational career in a High School.

He was not a very famous player in his school. He was an average student in his school and was a player of sports. When Brandon started to play for his school’s basketball team Brandon became a famous player of basketball at school level. He was a very good player of basketball in his school days. Armstrong has born abilities in basketball.

He became a major player of his team in his school after his good performances in some games he played for his school’s team. Brandon played his college basketball in Pepperdine University. He was admitted in Pepperdine University after his graduation from high school.

He was selected in the team of university because his reputation in his school was very good. Brandon played his best basketball in his university and gave many best performances while playing in his university’s basketball team.

He won some awards also. Brandon started his professional career when he was selected by Houston Rockets in 23rd pick of the 2001 NBA draft. During his professional career Brandon also played for some other teams in NBA.

He spent almost his entire professional career in NBA. He has also played for a team in Poland.



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