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Bob Arnzen Bio

Robert Louis “Bob” Arnzen was born on November 3, 1947 in a city of Kentucky called Covington.

He was basketball player who played his professional basketball in NBA. Arnzen has spent five years of his processional career in NBA. His career was started in 1969 and was ended in 1974. During his professional career Arnzen has played for three different teams in NBA.

During his professional career Bob was a very popular player of basketball in NBA. His name was taken as best forward player in National Basketball Association. He also won some distinctions in his professional career including a victory in championship when he was playing for Indiana Pacers.

During his career in NBA Bob was a player who was famous due to his performance. He was a good player of basketball since his child life. He was a well known street basketball player in his childhood. During his early days in his childhood Bob played basketball with his friends. Bob started his study career in a high school.

He was a student of St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati. He was interested in basketball in his school life. His interest and passion gave him a chance to play for his school’s basketball team. His position in his school’s team was not good and he was treated as junior in start. But later his performances in different games he played for his school proved that he is a player with born abilities in basketball.

Bob started his university career in University of Notre Dame. He played for his university’s basketball team. His university career was a very good for him. He was a main player of his team. Bob started his professional career when he was selected by Detroit Pistons in 1969n NBA draft. His professional was almost five year long. Bob was retired in 1974.



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