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Bob Armstrong Bio

T. Robert “Bob” Armstrong was a professional basketball player of America. He was born in Detroit located in Michigan State on June 17, 1933.

He was a very well-known player of basketball during his professional career. He was player of basketball of Forward position but in some matches he also played at Center position according to the instructions of the head of the team. He was a specialist of forward position and he was perfect for his position because his later performances at forward position proved that.

During his professional career he played for only one NBA team. He was a player of basketball who was born to play basketball because he was perfectly fit for basketball and was know as a star player of basketball in his career.

He was a player who gave performance in almost every game he played for his team. He was a player who was known by every basketball lover in the world during his career. Bob started his educational career in high school like many other players of different sports.

During his school career he was a good student as well as good sportsman. He was not a good player n start because he was not interested in basketball. During his senior year in his school Bob started playing basketball. He was a very good player of basketball in his senior year in school.

He completed his graduation from High School and joined Michigan State University for further education in his educational field. He was selected in basketball team of his university. He played some matches in the start of his university career and his performance made him a star in his university. He became a very famous player in his university.

Armstrong started his professional career when he was selected by Philadelphia Warriors in1956 NBA Draft. After his start in his professional career Bob has played for many teams in NBA. His was retired in 1957.


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