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Blake Ahearn Bio

Blake Ahearn was born on May 27 in 1984. He is a basketball player of United States.

He was born in St. Louis in the state of Missouri located in United States. He has American Nationality because he was born in United States. Blake Ahearn is a player of basketball with a height of six feet and two inches. And he has weight about 190 lbs or 86 kilo grams.

He is a very famous and good player of basketball in NBA (National Basketball Association). National Basketball association is an organization which organizes events of basketball and manages rules and regulations in matches. Blake was started his educational career in De Smet Jesuit High School. He was also very fond of basketball since his early age alike many other basketball players.

He played for his school’s basketball team and performed very well during his studies in high school. He was very popular basketball player among his college fellows and was good enough to carry his basketball interest in his university. He won many matches in the high school and made his team win in many of the matches he played.

He was a player of guard position and he performed on his position very well making his team win many times.

After his school education he went in the university for further education and for further improvement in his basketball game. His college career was 2003-2007. He was a player of his college basketball team.

He was a best shooter in his college life with the accuracy of 94.6%. He also holds a one season record of 97.5% accuracy. In the start of his professional career he was not properly drafted in NBA infect he was hired for ten days at the replacement of a injured player, but after that he made his position in NBA and currently he is playing in NBA.



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