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Basketball Coaches In Argentina

Among other countries, Argentina is truly a country that excels not only in one sport.

Yes, is it amazing to hear about that? In Argentina, there is a wide variety of sports that people in this place are involved at. Unlike other countries, they are only excelling in one sport or two, but Argentina is way different ad far from them.

Because of the multiple culture population as well as some geographical reasons for example its climate; Argentina people are very active in a lot of different sports. Some of these sports are the following: rugby, skiing, sailing, field hockey, tennis, swimming, polo and the most popular one is the basketball.

Nowadays, Basketball is being considered as a famous sport in Argentina. What made basketball more popular is the 2000 and beyond events that which gave way to people of Argentina and other fanatics to really believe in their athletes. Another thing that really put basketball in the vocubalries of the entire Argentina citizen is the country’s success in the 2004 Summer Olympics whereas they won the Gold Medal.

The success of the country does not only depend on the players but also on the coaches who are responsible for every game plans and tactics that will be done and followed by the abiding team players. If one does not wholeheartedly follow the rules, then failure will be reaped in the end. The following are some of the famous coaches that are also giving pride to the Country of Argentina.

1. Flor Meléndez Montañez

Montañez is a famous coach of the Argentina Men’s Basketball Team. On the year 1986 world Championship, Argentina ranked as the top 12 among 24 other competitors. Even though they only landed on the 12th spot, it has been seen that the Argentina Basketball Team gave their best and had a good fight. Montañez, because of his passion and undying dedication to the sport basketball, he is regarded as one of the best Argentina Basketball Coaches.

He is also known as one of the best veteran Argentina basketball coaches because he first started as assistant coach and hi head coaching career was realized in the year 1967 in a certain Basketball team for Argentina youth.

While he was coaching these youths he had also spend his time training them and building them up to become a better basketball player. An because of that dedication, he was able to make the team champions for four times which happened in between the year 1967 and 1973. He was the only coach to generate 4 championship wins in the span of 6 years. This is the full proof for the question why was he regarded as one of the best coaches in Argentina.

Over all, in his coaching career, he was able to generate hundreds of victories which are believed as the greatest achievement for a coach like him.

2. Sergio Santos Hernández

Hernández is also one of the most popular coaches in Argentina Basketball history. He is being looked up to because of his excellent teaching skills as well as having a very great patience in teaching and leading particular basketball teams. He was alos the head coach in the 2008 Summer Olympics. After the 2008 summer Olympics, the Country Argentina was pronounced as the winner for the Bronze medal.

Among any other coaches, Hernández is also considered as the most visible coach among his entire competitors sine he lead the Argentina national basketball team in the year 2005-2010.



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