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Basketball Players in Greece

Greece is often known because of the gods and goddesses that they believe in.

They are popular for the pillar structures of their buildings as well but one thing that Greece is also proud of is that Greece is the home of the first modern Olympics and has hold a long tradition in sports.

Basketball is also a sport that they put their hard works to. Here are some of the basketball players in Greece.

Greek National basketball team Rosters

Ian Vougioukas

Ian Vougiokas is a basketball player in Greece who had won a title as The Best Young Player by the Greek League in year 2008. He started playing basketball in Greece with Aris Glyfadas before he went to United States where he stayed for one season (2006-07). After college he joined the Greek League club Rethymno. He was also a member of the Junior Greek National Basketball teams where he was able to play at the 2001 FIBA Europe-16 Championship in year 2001, and in the 2003 FIBA Under-16 World Championship he won the bronze medal. In his senior year in the team (year 2009) he had won the silver medal

Ioannis Bourousis

Bourousis surprisingly has no interest in basketball it was indeed a destiny that he became a basketball player in Greece. He originally began his athletic career in training as a professional swimmer but due to his being tall and gets taller as years goes which is not good for the sport he shifted to playing basketball at the age of 18. He began his professional career as a basketball player in Greece in year 2001 with AEK Athens of the Greek League.

After that he became a member of the junior Greek National Basketball team where he was able to win in the 2002 FIBA Europe Under-20 Championship. He was also a member of the Greek All-Star Game four times and was a Greek All-Star MVP in year 2009.

Nikolaos Zisis

Nikolaos Zisis is one of the best basketball players in Greece. He was able to have many accomplishments such as:
-Won the Greek Cup in 2001 and 2002

-Greek League Young Player of the Year in 2002

-Greek All-Star player two times in year 2004 and 20055.

-Won the Euroleague Championship in 2008

-Won the United League Championship in 2008

And a lot more!

Zisis has started playing in year 1996 at local Saloniki youth basketball team. At the age of 17 he was already a member of a Greek League team AEK Athens where he has began his professional basketball career. When he moved to Treviso, Italy he played on the Italian League team Benetton Treviso where he won the Italian Super Cup and Italian Championship in year 2006 and the Italian Cup in year 2007.

better shooting

He then became one of Greece’s junior national team’s member where he won the silver medal at the 1999 FIBA Europe Under-16 Championship and he was the one who is leading in the tournament when it comes to the score.



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