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Basketball In Jordan

The most popular sports in Jordan is basketball along with soccer.

They have a large support for the game of basketball in their country. They are starting to be an exceptional team in Asia and every year they are improving.

History of Basketball in Jordan

Basketball in Jordan started in the year 1937, where Mr. Hassan Siraj who came fro Beirut after finishing college studies there, he introduced the game basketball at the At-Isailieh School where he taught the students the rules and the skills necessary to know about the game.

The experience was spread across the different parts of the kingdom, Al-salt, Al-Kerak and Irbed.

In 1940’s, basketball was transformed from schools to clubs, Al-hali and Al-Faisali clubs and others have been starting to practice the sport. It was confirmed that the games at that time were just friendly games among the club members.

In 1952, the first championship in basketball was held which was won by the team of an electricity company and al-ahli club is the second.

In the 50’s, the first union for basketball players were created by Abdullah Abu Nawar, then it was teamed up with the international union in the year 1957. During this decade, there were a lot of development for the game of basketball in that country.

During the sixties, Jordanian basketball union was affiliated with Asian basketball union. They participated in the Arab sports tournament in Morocco in 1961 and the Arab sports tournament in Cairo in 1965.

In the 1970’s, a mini-basket center was created and affiliated with the Arab union in 1974. They joined the first Arab Championship in Baghdad in 1974 and in the Arab sports tournament in held in Damascus in the year 1976 and the youth championships in 1978.

The 1980’s is regarded as the golden age for the Jordanian basketball. At this time, they held the international arbitrate and training tournaments and meetings. They also host the tournament Asian Championship in Hongkong for the first time in the history of Jordan.

They also take part in the Arab sports tournament in Morocco and won the first position.

The 90’s means more development and the continuation of theimprovement of Jordanian basketball. They joined more tournaments such as Asian and Arab tournaments and others that were held internationally. In 1990, they hosted the youth championships, and the clubs championship for men and women in the same year.

In the 2000’s, they have participated a lot in Asian Games, west asian games and FIBA Asia. Jordan became one of the best Asian teams.



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