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Basketball History in England

Like how long basketball in England was being pushed to popularity, the basketball history in England is quiet long too. It is a fact that basketball took time for it to be loved by the citizens there.

Let us now tackle it’s the summary of basketball history in England:


It all started when the sport was introduced in England between March 1892 and January 1893. It was introduced by C.J. Proctor who had watched a basketball way in one of his trips in Canada, he was immediately caught by the thrill that the game gives a person.

After that the sport had started to become widespread in England, the country had first participated in the new game of basketball as an internal league which was played by Birkebhead YMCA members their participation in basketball leagues continued when they join to other clubs such as Merseyside and Wirral regions.

World War I and World War II

Basketball History in England boost more during the World War I and World War II, many inter Clubs and Inter YMCA games was played and held in England during the year of 1914. During the start of World War I a large number of young men had left for France and by that time basketball’s popularity declined even more due to the games in war years are very limited.

When the Americans arrived in the War in year 1917, many British basketball players knew more about the basic rules of the game as well as the ways to become a more efficient player. In 1918 an American YMCA Physical Director the popularity of basketball grew more, the local rules was altered and the game became more like the American game. The game was indeed dominantly influenced by the American forces which resulted to a higher number of citizens that plays basketball.

Britain was continually influenced during the World War I period the YMCA clubs even developed the game with a twist. However due to continuous alteration in the basic rules of basketball some confusion took over for years.

During the World War II the English Basketball was having a progress which had include Catford Saints as the English team in the liege Festival that year, the ABA once more made theEngland’s position be visible in the European Basketball. In 1939 the progress of basketball has began.

A championship Final began in April 1940 with the Birmingham Athletic Institute and had beaten London Central YMCA in the final competition. However due to the war that is happening that time no championship took place for the next six years and the trophy was with the Birmingham for six years too.

The War, although stemming the development of the actual number of clubs in Britain, also had a positive effect in the game. The Army had adopted the game and a number of Army teams had rise. The Army influenced others which made the other services and Inter-Service Tournaments to begin.

Many novices at basketball were introduced to a better type of play and coaching in the services. With the fall of the European Countries, many service personnel from these countries came to Britain which contained some very keen basketball players, these people helped in the development of the game in the Forces as well.


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