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B J Armstrong Bio

Benjamin Roy “B. J.” Armstrong was born on September 9, 1967 in Detroit located in the state of Michigan in United States.

He is a retired professional player of basketball of America. Armstrong has spent a long career in NBA about eleven years. During his professional career he spent his most time in Chicago Bulls.

He started his career with Bulls in NBA. He was player of Guard position with a height of six feet and two inches and weight of 175 lbs. His professional career was very good and he was a very famous player during his professional career.

He also got some distinctions during his professional career, including being the last player in Chicago Bulls who wear the number 10 jersey. He also has a distinction that he played 577 consecutive games during his professional career. Armstrong started his studying career from a school.

He was a student of Birmingham Brother Rice High School. During his career in his school Armstrong was a passionate student about basketball. He was a good player also. During his school days Armstrong played for his school’s basketball team. His outstanding performance made him a famous player at school level.

Armstrong completed his graduation in his school and than joined University of lowa State after completing his school studies. During years in Lowa State Armstrong was a shining player of basketball and was a very brilliant student also. During his career in his university he played for his university ‘s basketball team and performed very good. He earned many wins for his team in university.

Armstrong started his professional career in 1989 when he was selected by Chicago Bulls in NBA daft. During his entire professional career he played with just four teams of NBA. He never played for any team out of NBA. He was retired in 2000 when he was playing with Chicago Bulls.



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