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Australia Women’s National Basketball Team

Australia is known for their passion in basketball. A lot enjoys basketball, in fact women in Australia a very fond of playing basketball too.

Like men, women in Australia are very participative in basketball competitions.

Australia Women’s National Basketball team is the women team which represents the country. They are known because they had been visible in Olympics and even won numerous medals. They were first introduced in the Olympic sport at Montreal in year 1976 since then they began to become a great competitor in basketball during Olympic games.

Here are some of Australia Women’s National Basektball Team Players:


Tully Bevilaqua


A current player for the Indiana Fever in the WNBA and West Coat Waves in Australia’s WNB, Bevilaqua is considered one of the most famous players of Australia Women’s National Basketball team because she had recorded more steals per turnover during the 2005 regular season which no other player had done and because of the event during 2004 Championship season together with her team (Seattle Storm).

During the 2004 Championship she was able to win the second and third games in the season which made them become the champions of the game. It was her unforgettable play because during that season she was able to contribute in scoring, rebounding and having a tenacious defense which had become her trademark.

Though she was just a back-up point guard of Sue Bird and Betty Lennox she’s contribution was very visible in the game especially during their second game against Minnesota Lynx wherein she was able to play for 27 minutes and had carried the team to victory. In that event she gained a lot of fans, her name was being chanted repeatedly in that game.


better shooting

Lauren Elizabeth Jackson


She is a very famous player of Australia Women’s national basketball team because at a very young age she was already a member of the Opals. At the age of 16 in 1997 she became an official member of the team which made her become one of the youngest women who became a member of the team.

Although Jackson was young then she was able to show that she is already an item in the said field, she had numerous achievements throughout her career such as:

• In 2002 Summer Olympics she had collected 20 points and 13 rebounds during a game against the United States unfortunately the lost but thru Jackson’s ability they were able to rank 2nd in the tournament.

• In the 2004 Summer Olympics they won silver medal again after losing to USA again.

• In 2008 Summer Olympics they were a silver medalist again after losing to their greatest rival in every Olympic game which is USA.

• In 2006 Commonwealth Games held in Melbourne they had won the gold medal after defeating New Zealand Tall Ferns

• In 2006 FIBA World Championship for Women, Jackson being the captain of the team was able to defeat Russia which made them become the champion of that season.



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