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Augustus (Gus) Bailey Bio

Augustus (Gus) bailey is one of the nice former American players who born on February 18 1951 in Gibson North Carolina state.

This child grew later in to a classic basket ball player through his high level performance and unbeatable struggle. He was one of the classy players of his times.

Augustus played basketball right from his childhood and carried on his form to the adulthood where he earned both name and fame due to his high value performance.

Augustus played basket ball professionally at school as well as college levels.

He continued his high value performance onwards to his professional career and that really make him shine in the court. Augustus starts his college at the University of Texas over there at El Paso. He put some awesome and high class performances there during his career at Texas and led his collegiate team toward making some unforgettable records. His share in the overall performance of the team was always tremendous and appraisable in nature as he was always used to play in splendid style.

Augustus was selected by the Houston Rockets in the second round of NBA draft during the year 1974. Augustus was among twenty third over all pick of NBA draft and it also happened because this man’s class. He played a total of 147 games where his average scoring rate was always tremendous one because of his remarkable performance and enduring struggle for his team in the court.

Augustus starts his professional career in the year of 1974 and ended during the 1980s. He played for different entities during his career starting with Houston Rockets, carrying on to New Orleans and ending with Washington Bullets. He was also grafted by San Diego Conquistadors in the second round of ABA draft during the year of 1974. His career average is 2.6 PPG with 1.1 APG and 1.7 RPG.



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