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Atlanta Dream Owners

Before a team can be a team, there has to be someone in charge and that person is the Owner.

The owner is responsible not only for the team’s needs, but community involvement, media opportunities, etc. The Dream has been lucky enough to have two.


J. Ronald Terwilliger


J. Ronald Terwilliger was the first person to own and operate the Dream. Since 1966, Terwilliger has been chairman and CEO of Trammell Crow Residential, a national residential real estate company and the largest developer of multi-family housing in the United States.

At Trammell, he was responsible for all residential development and operations conducted by the company’s 23 offices throughout the country. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and served as vice chairman of the International Board of Directors of Habitat for Humanity, among various community endeavors. Terwilliger is also the former chairman of the Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership.

The Arlington, VA native is a sports enthusiast who has been quoted as saying “I am excited to make this contribution to Atlanta’s sports community. Our effort is to transcend sports, making a statement of encouragement and support to girls and women in our society

I am participating as a sports fan who will enjoy the journey and as a dad for his daughters and other young women like them. We are committed to developing a successful team, taking the time and expending the energy to build something very special. And, I am hoping that Atlantans will adopt this team and embrace it as their own. We will make our mark in the history books with this team and have a great time doing it.” Terwilliger brought hope to many young girls the day the Dream came to Atlanta and showed them that anything is possible if you work hard enough for it.


Kathy Betty


Kathy Betty is an Atlanta businesswoman and sports advocate who is the new managing partner with the Dream. Betty has history that includes serving as the CEO of the Garry Betty Foundation, former Earthlink CEO, former partner with Ernst & Young, and previous Executive Vice President of Scott Madden, Inc. Her late husband, Garry Betty, to fund cancer research, established the Garry Betty Foundation.

She has compiled a solid track record of business success and community involvement and is also a major contributor to Georgia Tech’s men’s and women’s basketball programs.

Betty has been quoted as stating “The opportunity to own the Dream, which is all about providing accessible and affordable world-class entertainment for the families of Atlanta, is what excites me.

In addition, the fact that these women serve as role models for youth, and especially young girls, is something I feel strongly about.” Betty’s excitement about the sport and what it can do for young girls is encouraging and hopeful. With the experience Betty brings and the desire she has to be an advocate of change and positivity to families, women, and girls, she brings one of the purposes of the WNBA to life.



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