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Ashraf Amaya Bio

Ashraf (Andrew) Amaya was a national basketball player of United States who played professional basketball for NBA. Ashraf was born on November 23, 1971.

He was born in Oak Park, Illinois located in United States. Amaya was a tall basketball player of about six feet and eight inch height. And he was weighed of about 104 kilo grams or 230 lbs. Amaya was a professional basketball player of forward position.

Amaya was a good player of basketball since his childhood. Amaya started his educational career from a high school and became a good player o basketball due to his extreme interest in basketball. He finished his high school career in Walther Lutheran High School. Amaya played basketball for Walther Lutheran High School.

He was a main player of his school basketball team. He was also a good player when he started his educational career but in the end of his school career he was a best player in his school.

After his high school education Amaya was admitted in Southern Illinois University.

In his university Amaya was selected in his university’s basketball team. He became a major player of basketball team due to his hard working and consistent performance in his team. He was a star of basketball during his university career. Amaya started his professional basketball career when was selected in Quad City Thunder a team of CBA in 1993.

He was selected in NBA when he was drafted by Vancouver Grizzlies in their inaugural season. After that he played for Washington Bullets in 1996 in 85 games. Amaya also played for US national Basketball team in FIBA World Championship held in 1998, in this world cup his team won bronze medal.

After his performance in World Championship Amaya played for many other NBA teams. He won many other awards during his career. He was retired in 2004.



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