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Argentina Roster Players

Basketball players in Argentina is not that popular when it was first introduced to the country. During their first achievement of becoming the champion in the 1950 FIBA World Championship the crowd was not that overwhelmed in that victory, the popularity of the sport just started to rise in year 2000.

The citizens in Argentina just began to be convinced with the talents of basketball players when they had won the championship in 2004 Summer Olympics.

Basketball in Argentina as of the moment is popular, Argentina Roster Players in fact has already gathered a large number of supporters as well as detractors.

Argentina national team is currently making a big name in the field of basketball which also helped in the widespread of the sport in the country.

Let us now discuss some of the Argentina Roster Players who had contributed to the victory and popularity of the said sport in the country.

Pablo Prigioni

Progioni is considered to be one of the current crowd favorite among the Argentina Roster players because of his skills, he is in fact voted as the best point guard of Spanish ACB League for three years in 2006, 2007 and 2009 and was also selected to the Spanish ACB League All Stat Game and All-Spanish ACB League Defensive Team.

He is known for being a very good passer as well as a big threat for other teams because of his ability to defend the team particularly in the 2002-03 season of the Spanish League which he in fact lead the team.

better shooting

Carlos Francisco Delfino

Delfino is considered to be one of the most popular among Argentina Roster Players because of his great defensive skills which makes the team have a high deffense in every game. Delfino is also a versatile player he serves as a small forward and a shooting guard in the team.

He had contributed a lot in the national team in fact he lead the team in winning the bronze medal at the 2001 FIBA Under-21 World Championship. one if his highlights in his basketball career was when he had made the team Argentine national basketball team win the gold medal at the 2004 Olympics basketball Tournament.

Through this achievements and contributions for the national team the Argentine basketball Federation continues to make him a part of the national team.

Fabricio Raúl Jesús Oberto

Oberto is quite known to the country for he was able to play with Argentina for almost 14 years, and during that years he had accomplished a lot. Right now he has able to play in 70 matches and has won numerous matches. One of his biggest highlights in his career was during the 2004 Olympic Game wherein the team had won the gold medal and the popularity of basketball in Argentina boosted, because of this event he had acquired more fans.

Due to his excellence in playing basketball he had not just won numerous medals for the team but his skills were also acknowledged, he had won the MVP award during the tournament in 1998 season of the Argentine League.



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