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Andrea Bargnani Biography

Andrea bargnani is one of the professional basketball players who made his mark while playing with Toronto Raptors.

He was born in Rome, Italy on 26th of October 1985. He is one of the most recently retired professionals but has got included among the classic ones. He was Italian but he made his way toward the Toronto raptors and played some awesome games along them.

There lies lots of struggle and hard work behind this simple looking story of his excellence. He was one of the hard working children from his child hood that seems to be born with the passion for basketball playing. He lives with the dream to became a professional basketball player and he did it by making appearance along side Toronto raptors.

He did marvelously well at the start of his school career and continued his classy performance unto his collegiate career. Andrea did even better at his collegiate career and his professional career is even blistering with high marks of scoring average.

Andrea was selected in the NBA’s first overall pick in the year of 2006. He did marvelously well for Toronto raptors right after his participation in the team. He played his part with high mark performances.

He always used to lead his team with high value performances in the court. it was Andrea’s performance that make Toronto raptors qualify for the NBA playoffs. Andrea’s career started at Italy but that ultimately gained the heights at United States of America during his stint with Toronto raptors.

He was power forward among the raptors and was used to push the tings versus his rivals quite powerfully in the court. He played a total of 367 games wher his overall performance was really distinct and awesome. He played his part by putting some splendid performances while playing with Toronto raptors. His career average is as high as 15.1 points per game while his stint with raptors is marked with 21.4 points per game.



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