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Andre Barrett Bio

He is one of the recently retired players in the history of American basketball game.

But has been included among the classic because it yesterdays often make histories. He is one of the historical players we can say who was born on 21st of February 1982. He grew up and joined professional basketball later but his journey toward the professional career holds lot of struggle and dedicated hard work from this man.

He was having some inborn skills and intent to go toward the basketball at professional level but having the wish alone can not work at all. You have to do lot of struggle and hard work to make your dreams come true and that’s what was done by Andre through out his career.

He struggled hard to achieve that mark and the participation from his family peers and fellows will always remain with his historical performances but it was always ofcourse this man who did that all the time.

Andre Barrett was always behind every achievement and every hallmark ofcourse goes to his class and elegance. He started taking it on from his school career where he played sparkling basketball by pitting some blistering performances but the main show tarts later in his youth at collegiate career. He played fabulously at college and quite professionally during his professional career.

He played from 2004 to 2008 for six different entities of the basketball world but he never stopped to push it up during his entire career. He was always keen to boost things up by playing his part. He played a total of 67 games and scored a total of 219 points during his entire career.

He started it with Houston where his average was 2.1 per game but he later pushed it up to 5 plus points per game while playing for Orlando. His career saw his average fluctuating but finished things up at 3.3 points per game as his career average with 2.0 APG.



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