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Alvan Adams Bio

Alvan Adams was born on July 19, 1954 in Lawrence, Kansas in United States.

He is a former basketball player of United States. He was a professional basketball player and was a very good reputed and well known basketball player at that time. He was tall man of about six feet and nine inches or 2.06 meters. He had a weight of 210 lbs or 95 kilo grams.

He was very good player at his high school while he was very young and was fond of basketball during his very young age. He was born in America so he had American nationality and during his school career he studied at Putnam city high school. He was a good player of basketball in this age and was good enough to play for his school’s basketball team.

He played very well for school’s basketball team by giving them many victories he made his team win because he was a player with born abilities and was also a hardworking player since his early career.

He joined University of Oklahoma for further education after the completion of the studies in his high school. He also played for his college’s basketball team he was a brilliant player during his college career and was known as the player for power forward position.

He played many games for his college by winning many of these games due to his outstanding performance and best utilization of his born abilities. He started his professional career as a basketball player when he was selected by the Phone Suns for the 4th pick of the 1975 NBA draft.

NBA means National Basketball Association, a league that organizes basketball and different teams of basketball. He was selected to play ALL star game and won NBA Rookie of the year award. He spent his all career with suns and was retired in 1988.



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