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Allen Robert Bio

Allen Robert J. was a basketball player. He played basketball professionally for America. He was a professional player of forward position.

He was also called as Bob. Bob was born on July 17, 1946. Bob was a basketball player since his college days. He was not a player during his school studies because he was not so interested in sports. He was a good student in his school and had a good character also.

Bob became a basketball player when he joined a college for advance studies in his educational field. During his college days Bob felt that he is a strong man and can play sports as well as studies and other friends motivated him to play sports. As his body and characteristics was perfectly suitable for basketball so he decided to play basketball for his college.

He started playing for basketball team of his college when he was selected to play for his team. He was a bad player in start but he managed at that time and kept on working and made himself perfectly suitable for his basketball team.

He was Six feet and nine inch tall and had weight of abut 205 lbs or 93 kilo grams. He became a great player for his team when he performed brilliant in his early matches. He was a student of Marshall University.

Due to his excitement about basketball he made his way to become a major and important player his team. He played many matches for his college and most of the games he played he made win his team. He became a hero of his college. His professional career was not so good because it was too short. He was selected in sixth round on 1968 NBA draft by San Francisco Warriors and his career ended with same team in 1969.



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