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Allen Malik Bio

Malik Omer Allen was born in Willingboro located in New Jersey in United States. He was born on June 27, 1978.

He played at Power forward position for his team. He was a very famous player and star of basketball during hid career. He was a tall man of about seven feet and was weighed 255 lbs. He was a student of Shawnee High School in New Jersey. He was a player of basketball since his school age.

He played for basketball team of his school. He was not a very good player in the beginning but due to his hard work and efforts he made himself an important player of his team. He performed brilliant in many matches he played for his team. He gave victories in many matches he played for his team.

He was very popular player of basketball during his school days. He played for his school’s basketball team due to his born abilities and hard work. He made his name as a best option for selectors of basketball team in Villanova University.

He became a major player of his University’s basketball team due to his outstanding and brilliant performance. Allen started his professional career when was selected by San Diego Wildfire. He went undrafted in 2000 NBA draft. He played for one year with San Diego Wildfire and after that he was signed by Miami Heat on July 20, 2001 in NBA.

He played for Miami Heat till 2005. He was traded by Charlotte Bobcats on February 24, 2005. He was very well-liked player during his professional career he was famous at international level.

He did his best for his team during his professional career. He was a brilliant player during his career. He played also for other teams of NBA. Allen is currently a player of Orlando Magic since 2010.



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