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Albanian Basketball Association

Albania is not fond of sports, in fact they had participated in few sport competitions inside the country as well as in international competitions.

They are more focused in working and finding ways to boost the country’s economy. One of the few sports that had passed their standards and had caught their attention is basketball. Basketball, after being introduced to them became widespread in just a snap of a finger. Basketball is unquestionably a fun game and because of the excitement it brings it was immediately loved by the people there.

Basketball in Albania became more popular because of the numerous successful basketball players that Albania had produced and because of the achievements that the country brings in the field of basketball.

In international competitions, they may not have won the championship games they still had showed a good fight and this is something that they could be proud of. Because of the popularity of basketball in the country they had created the Albanian Basketball Association which would help maintain the interest of the citizens there in playing basketball.

Albanian Basketball Association is an independent association from the ministry of sports and is funded by the government . It is created to organize different basketball leagues in the country such as Albanian Basketball League, Republic’s Cup and Women Albanian Basketball League.

They decided to create this association because the government observed that plenty likes playing basketball and by organizing a lot of competitions more citizens will be hooked in the game.

Albanian Basketball Association is comprised of four main offices:

1.) Association General Assembly is where the board members do the talks and debates in order for the Leagues to become more fun and interesting.

2.) The President of the Association is where Avni Ponari, the current president of the association stays.3.) The Association’s Director’s Board is where the members of the board stays. (the members of the board are as follows:Agim Dalipi, Alfred Rushaj, Andrea Troja, Bashkim Milo, Gavrosh Kavaja, Rudolf Cici, Spiro Kuvarati and Stavri Belo)

4.) The Association’s Secretary this is where the secretary of the association stays and do their jobs on organizing the different events of the tournament.

Albanian Basketball Association ensures that the people in Albania would continue enjoying the game and their main goal is to produce numerous excellent players that could bring honor to their country. They also support the youth that aspires to have a big name in basketball industry someday.

For me it is a great idea to create an association that organizes local competitions in basketball because by this plenty would be hooked in the game and those who love playing basketball way back then would be more eager to enhance their skills for they would be competing with other basketball lovers.

Thru the numerous competitions, discipline and teamwork will be built in each team that is competing in the tournaments. Their skills will also be more developed and they could learn new strategies that could help them become better players.


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