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Alan Anderson Bio

Alan Anderson is born in Minneapolis, Minnesota located in United States. Alan was born on October 16, 1982. He is a professional player of basketball.

He is a player of NBA but he has also played for many other basketball leagues in the world. He plays at the position of shooting guard but in some matches he has also played at the position of small forward according to the requirements of the team.

He is a very famous and popular player of basketball in modern world. Alan was interested in basketball since his very early age and was fond of watching and playing basketball. He also played basketball in his school’s basketball team but he was not very good player in his school and his reputation was not very good during his school career.

When he finished his school education he was admitted in the Michigan State University (MSU) for further advance education. He got many opportunities in his university to play basketball because he was perfectly fit for basketball due to his good height and strong muscles.

Alan is a player of basketball with a height of six feet and six inches and weight of 100 kilo grams.

During his college career Alan was one of the most popular players in his university he was called as best player of his university’s basketball team.

He was the primary guard of his team. Alan started his professional career with NBA when he was signed as free agent by Charlotte Bobcats in August 2005.

He played in NBA since 2007. He was signed in Italian League in the last of year 2007. On May 24, 2009 he joined Israeli league with a club team. He returned to NBA in 2010 and played some matches in there and then he was signed back in Europe with Spanish league. He is currently playing in Spanish league.


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