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Alaa Abdelnaby Bio

On June 24, 1968 a player was born in a famous city of Egypt called Cairo.

He was a former player of basketball he played basketball in America. He spends his school age in the bloom filed in Nutley. He was also a very good player in his very young age and was vey fond of basket ball since his childhood. During his university career he was a very good player of basket ball he was at Duke University.

He played basketball from the university during four years during his studies, from 1986 to 1990 where he was a senior player and important player for the university due to his born abilities. Portland was the group who selected him first time for national basketball association with 25th pick of the 1990 NBA (national basketball association) draft.

After that he spends five years with the league while playing for the team of Portland. He also played for other for other teams Boston Celtics, Philadelphia, Milwaukee bucks and also for Sacramento kings. He was also offered by the Golden state Warriors but he never played for that franchise. Perhaps also famous due to his best said quote regarding Duke University’s academic requirements.” The only way I can make five A’s is when I sign my name”.

Alaa abdelnaby has the nationality of America as well as Egypt. He has the nationality of America because he was a player of NBA and he has nationality of Egypt because he was born in the capital of Egypt called as Cairo. Alaa abdelnaby was a very famous player of previous century and he was also famous due to his personality and hard working.

He deserved this position because he was a very poplar and hardworking player of NBA and very was very efficient in his job during his workings.


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