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AJ Price Bio

A.J. price born in the family that loved basketball, full name is Anthony Jordan price.

He got all the passion for basketball from his father who was a star player of basketball at the University of Pennsylvania. His father was one of the best players of his age who lead his team on many occasions. It was his father who led Quakers to final four in the 1979.

This was what made his ay to the regional all tournament team. This was ofcourse always because of his father price become so handy in the court.

He no doubt groomed by the family of basketball players where he saw basket ball right from the day he opened his eyes in that family. His father Tony price no doubt made him gem in basketball playing. Price has one sister named raven. He majored in arts as he was having interesting studying arts at higher levels.

He was used to put awesome performances right from his school career as a professional was always hidden inside ordinary looking price. His father Tony price makes him shine right from the start of his teenage by providing him proper coaching and training. He continues to shine from school to college until he was unfortunately got affected by the Ateriovenous malformation that caused bleeding in his brain.

It was almost a battle for life for price but he was eventually recovered and was declared medically fit in the year 2006. Price underwent radio surgery in the year 2005 that eventually made that to happen. Beside this all he was an aggressive man at his university and was suspended by the university management because of violation of university code of conduct.

Price was one of the nominees in the 2008-09 for the bob cousy award. He was also named to the all big east second team and all district first team just because of his awesome performance in that season. His point per game average was 14.7 while rebounds per game were just 3.5; this tells his success story as senior. It has not yet finished he scored his career best 36 points in that season following by the best assists per game.

The year 2007-08 was also a remarkable one for price in which he led the squad by scoring his team high 13 points in a game. It was the year 2008-09 seasons when he scored 20 plus scores in ten games while his average rise up to 14 points per game. Price played a total of 31 games by starting with 23 contests at an average of 9.4 points per game with 113 assists and 37 steals in shorter spans of time.

Price played the last season recently in 2009-10; price did not avail all of the game sin the start of season as he could only play 8 out o first 27 games and posted total 25 points with nine rebounds. Price played 48 game later where his average climbed to eight plus points per game.


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