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1988 Slam Dunk Contest

For anyone that had the absolute pleasure of watching the 1988 Slam Dunk Contest over the All-Star Weekend way back then was to behold every player giving 100% each dunk attempt.

Never was this degree of intensity and passion ever seen again in this contest. Not only was the 1988 Sam Dunk Contest a thing of beauty but it went down to the final dunks and by two of the most-beloved players of anytime, Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins.

All Star Weekend

Before we get into describing one of the most-perfect nights of NBA showcasing please have a quick look at some of the dunks and the names of these that have been given out by the fans themselves.

• Dominique’s Off-the-Glass Hammer

• Jordan’s Kiss the Rim Reverse

• Clyde Copying Everything Jordan Did

The 1988 Slam Dunk Contest

The reigning champion of the slam dunk contest a year before was Michael Jordan and his biggest challenge would come from the Atlanta Hawks biggest star they have ever had, Dominique Wilkins.Few of the stars that slammed it home that star-studded night…

• Larry Bird

• Michael Jordan

• Dominique Wilkens

• Spud Webb, Jerome Kersey and Many Others

The Best Dunk Contest Ever

The contest was played in Chicago at the old Chicago Stadium. The crowd had already been treated to an excellent display of talent and skill from the Legends Game that went into overtime and the best Three-Point Shootout moment ever, had Larry Bird holding his finger up and walking off the floor as his winning sweet shot was still hanging in the air!

That was the type of player Bird was and regardless of where and when this man put it all on the floor each time he played a game of basketball.

Here’s the dunk contest…

As much as everyone wanted to just watch Bird launch from all over place three-point bomb after bomb hitting noting but net the fans came to see the greatest display of slam dunks ever in the history of the contest.

It would be no letdown from start to finish as each dunk came wrapped in suspense and intrigue as the points keep climbing and the scores only got stronger each round. In the end it would be between two of the greatest Masters of the Dunk ever to grace the courts of the professional ranks, Jordan and Dominique.

Putting All On the Line

The 1988 slam dunk contest lasted over three hours and that was not long enough for all of the fortunate spectators that clamored around the television seats to bear witness to the greatest show of athletic dominance ever on a basketball court.

For those that thought the All-Star Game as well as any of the side-show acts that followed or preceded the actual game had become watered-down with advertisers and marketing and even down to the players was in for a surprise as the thrill and the talent reminded us all just how great these athletes really are.

Incredible Journey

The night ended with the two superstars battling it out for the right to be claimed and crowned King of the Court in 1988, reigning Champ Michael Jordan and challenger Dominique Wilkins. With the very last dunk attempt Michael Jordan held onto his crown and sent the upstart Wilkins back home to Atlanta, a better man, a beloved combatant.




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